Doctor Who New York Premier 2010

When I stood in line for seven hours in New York City in 2010 to see Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Steven Moffat, I had yet to see the season 5. This premier was the first time anyone in America had seen the Moffat revamp of the show, the first time anyone had seen Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor. He wasn’t really a celebrity yet. No one knew if he was going to be any good. It wasn’t like we were seeing in person the people we’d been fans of for years. We just knew that this was probably an important moment for us that we should cherish now because one day we could look back and say, “Yes, I saw them when they came to New York.”

So here we are, two years later. We have a hold of what Moffat has done to change Who. We know and love the characters embodied by Smith and Gillan. I think I’d rather be part of that group, that premier of the whole new show than be part of one of the premiers in New York that they’ve done since because although that first one had fandom, the audience was still critical prior to the screening. We were more like industry people judging the craft of writing, directing, and acting in this reboot of a beloved series. And they pulled it off. That’s way better than a bunch of screaming fans blinded by fandom.

Bonus, watch the NYC premier 2012:


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