Dave Hill Talks Doctor Who Special Effects

Comedian/Musician Dave Hill

Because Doctor Who began in the 60’s, the show has a reputation for having silly looking monsters and cheesy special effects. When Russel T. Davies rebooted the show, they kept many of the same style effects. This could be partially to be true to the original look, or it could be to keep the show consistent considering they would be bringing back monsters from the early days such as the pepper-pot-looking Daleks. But nevertheless, no matter how rubbery the Slytheen look or how “retro” K9 is, the show still has kids (and many of us adults) hiding under the covers.

I had the opportunity to interview comedian/musician Dave Hill recently. (To listen to the full interview, visit plainketchup.com.) One of the many things we talked about was Doctor Who. Here’s what he had to say about the special effects:

What’s your favorite science fiction franchise?

I don’t know, would Doctor Who be good? That’s a good answer, right? I remember seeing that when I was a young person, a very young, impressionable thing and being like “What?!” I liked how it looked really cheap. I found it really charming. I like things with limitations, in all art. I find it more interesting if I have to throw in a little imagination.

Yeah, a lot of times if you watch first time directors, if their first movie is so good, and then the studios start to give them more money, and then they start to suck more and more because they have more at their fingertips.

Yeah, totally. Life for me, CGI I hate. I know that’s nothing new at this point, but it just never looks real to me. It just looks silly. I’d rather have the old Jason and the Argonauts type stuff happening. I’d rather see stop-motion, weird, primitive things happening than Jar Jar Binks.

Like a skeleton on a string in the original House on Haunted Hill?

Yeah! That’s scary, right? It’s so much scarier than “Oh, a USC graduate just cranked this out.” I don’t know why I chose USC as the school for my imaginary CGI person.

So, is Tom Baker your favorite Doctor?

Doctor Marcus Welby is my favorite doctor.

From Doctor Who.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Do you know who Doctor Marcus Welby is?


It’s from a TV show.

What TV Show?

I think Doctor Marcus Welby, starring Robert Young in a role of a lifetime.

I’ll have to look it up.

Yeah, you do not want to miss it.

Listen to the entire half-hour interview for free on PlainKetchup’s podcast, Hot Sauce.

Dave Hill is a comedian and television personality. He is the frontman for the band Valley Lodge. In 2012, his first book, Tasteful Nudes, was published.


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