5 Favorite Professor Brian Cox Moments

5. Doctor Who

I seriously thought he was joking, but if you watch the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Power of Three, yes, Professor Brian Cox makes a cameo playing himself. So the Professor does exist in the Whoniverse. How cool. Can you imagine what it would be like to have the professor star in an entire episode of Doctor Who…playing himself? The professor and the Doctor having a conversation–I think our brains would implode. Therefore, the professor should be the next full-time companion. 😀

4. Even the little ones?

Okay, so you don’t hear or see the professor in this video, but you get a pretty funny story that he stars in in this video by Alex Day.

3. The Infinite Monkey Cage

The Infinite Monkey Cage is a science-themed radio show and podcast that the professor co-hosts with comedian Robin Ince. It’s really hard to choose a favorite moment or even a favorite episode of the series, so I suggest you just subscribe to the series on iTunes. Below, I’ve posted Science Vs. The Supernatural, but I’d also highly recommend Parallel Universes.

2. Car Pool

Brian Cox on why he doesn’t believe in God: “”If there were an afterlife, I would have to reconsider the engineering design of fridges.” This comes from this great episode of Car Pool with Robert Llewellyn:

1. Dare and D:Ream

Because how many rock stars can  you name that grow up to be particle physicists?


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