This Week’s News (Oct. 8-14)

Here’s a roundup of some recommended reading articles found elsewhere on the web.

Doctor Who News

TV Guide Buzz and Contest

Rory’s Dad

The Doctor Who Experience

Alternate ending voiced by Rory

An Idiot Abroad Season 3

Also finished An Idiot Abroad 3. We even started on the director’s commentary
for the DVD. At one point Karl said, “The Chinese language is just a noise.” I
quickly pointed out that Karl is a lovely bloke, without a malicious bone in his
body, whose words sometimes bypass the brain. It’s a very funny commentary
though. Lots of arguing and moaning if you can imagine that. Haha.

Keep reading…

Black Adder

Lost scripts show up in new book

John Cleese’s Autobiography

“From gangly adolescent (he was six feet tall at the age of 12) to giant of the comedy world, John Cleese has led an extraordinary life and enjoyed astonishing acclaim. Now he plans to tell the inside story of how a shy child from Weston-super-Mare, who dabbled briefly with teaching and law, went on to become one of the most feted writers and performers of the past fifty years. His autobiography, like the man himself, promises to be both hilariously frank and frankly hilarious.”

Read more…

Red Drawf 10.3 Trailer: Lemons


A possible American version of the BBC show “Whites”



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