Terry Pratchett Talks The Watch, Dodger, and More

Terry Pratchett and Rob Wilkins joined 200 fans on Saturday, Oct. 13th at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, New York City to talk about his latest book Dodger. They talked about everything from the new book to Sean Astin patiently standing in line to see him at Comic Con the day before to Terry’s current obsession with the word “lagniappe,” which means “just a bit extra.” Pratchett took questions from the audience, written on note cards. Everyone had the chance to chat with him one-on-one and Rob snapped photos of everyone.

Pratchett spoke about how he didn’t have to do much research when writing the new book because he had done so much reading earlier in his life that he just already knew most of what he needed. He also hopes to write a sequel to Dodger so that when Dodger is older, there are more great historical characters to play with.

On the subject of his book Nation, Pratchett said that it poured out of him while he was supposed to be writing something else, but it was one of those stories that if he didn’t write it, the story would kill him. Rob talked about how he wanted the book to have a happier ending, but he eventually realized that even though it isn’t a happy ending, it is a perfect ending.

They talked a little about The Watch, a TV series produced by their new production company, Narrativia. It will be a 13 episode (1 hour each episode) series that picks up the story of the A-M Watch where Snuff leaves off. Narrativia is, of course, named after the goddess of the narrative, which they have a statue for in the office and burn a candle for when Pratchett is hoping for a good narrative. When asked if Narrativia is real, Pratchett said that Yes, in a way it is because when you watch enough movies and read enough books (experience enough narratives, that is), eventually you just automatically know how stories should go.

Question: What is the most developed character you’ve written?
Answer: Sam Vimes. “A lot of Vimes is a kind of surrogate for me.”

Question: What’s the book you’re most proud of?
Answer: I Shall Wear Midnight and Nation

Question: Who is the Duck Man without the Duck?
Answer: Pratchett confessed that he’s based on the chicken man from a children’s book.

Question: Will there be another Moist novel? (Rob is always begging Pratchett for another because Moist is his favorite character.)
Answer: There is a draft done. It’s in the same stage as the second Long Earth novel. Pratchett just needs to work with it some more.

Question: How do you write humor?
Answer: Don’t be funny. Just write the story and funny will come out of the situation. Funny comes from deep within.

Question: Why did you choose to put part of The Long Earth in Madison, WI? (This was my question, since it’s my hometown.)
Answer: He chose Madison as a setting because of the interesting geology that’s relevant to the story.

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2 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett Talks The Watch, Dodger, and More

  1. Comments from Reddit…

    [–]anace 13 points 14 days ago


    This has a ton of potential. I’m picturing 13 hours of Discworld with the production quality of the Sky One adaptations. I’m probably getting my hopes too high.

    [–]boxes_full_of_pepe 9 points 14 days ago

    Please let it be so. The Ankh-Morpork watchmen are truly some of the greatest characters in all of the literary world. I really hope this fulfills the potential that it surely has.

    [–]Helmet_Icicle 1 point 13 days ago

    If it weren’t for the prevalence of fantastic miniseries being produced nowadays, I wouldn’t have as high hopes after the film adaptations.

    Also, new Moist book in the works.

    [–]davaca 3 points 13 days ago

    Great to hear about it again, I was starting to fear it got stuck in development hell somewhere.

    [–]HowToPaintWithFerret 2 points 13 days ago

    The biggest news for me is that it’s set post-snuff.

    [–]JamesDauphrey 1 point 13 days ago

    Does anyone know when the Watch is supposed to kick off? Even a broad guess is good.

    [–]squigs 1 point 8 days ago

    At the Discworld Convention I think they suggested 2014. Won’t be any sooner. At the time Narrativia barely existed and they’re just at the ideas/pitching stage.

    This has a good chance of being a hit, so Easter would be a reasonable bet. Possibly in the Saturday evening Doctor Who slot.

    [–]TehDingo 2 points 11 days ago

    If Sally and Angua aren’t forced to be partners and we get to see them snark at each other all the time, this series will fail. There, I said it. So stoked. God dammit.

    P.s.: I hope they cast “Going Postal” Angua as “The Watch” Angua.

    Never forget the first rule 1 point 5 days ago

    I hope that if it does well they make more than 13 episodes.

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