New from Channel Flip

I discovered Channel Flip in a much earlier version of it, probably about three or four years ago, because Robert Llewellyn had a channel on there where he talked about machinery called Machine of the Week Report. I wasn’t into machinery, but I noticed that Channel Flip had a lot of cool shows. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an internet video channel (a TV channel but on the internet) that produces various regular shows. I saw that David Mitchell had a show, and there was even an amusing one that just reviewed snacks. But it was very much geared toward men. It might have even said so in the mission statement, I don’t remember.

Years later, Jon Ronson’s Esc. & Crtl series came out, and I saw that it too was on Channel Flip. I even got to do a video interview with Jon and he talked about how he got involved with the company and the project itself. I went back to the Channel Flip website for maybe the first time in a year or so and saw that it had changed dramatically. All sorts of new shows!

Flash forward just a couple of months to now. One of the vloggers that I subscribe to on YouTube, Liam Dryden, announces that the web series he co-stars in called Chronicles of Syntax is going to be part of a new YouTube channel called The Multiverse. It’s dedicated to science fiction and fantasy web videos (multiple series on one channel), and it’s hosted by Warwick Davis. Oh, and it’s run by Channel Flip. So I go back to their website, and low and behold, it’s gotten even better. Channel Flip now is not like a TV channel that has shows on it. It’s network that has multiple channels (142!) , each of which containing multiple shows. They’re currently bosting 1.5 billion video views across all their channels. And good ol’ BobbyLlew is still there, setting fire to machinery, as you can see in the last clip of Channel Flip’s new trailer:

One thing I think they are lacking is any clear way of showing all of their shows and channels. I don’t just mean the active ones, but the ones that have been completed. They used to have this, but now there are so many, it’s unweildy. Like, let’s say I wanted to find Esc. & Ctrl again. I don’t see it on the website. I know it’s over, but it’s internet video. It’s not going away! People can still watch it. So list it.

Here’s the trailer for the Multiverse channel:

and the trailer for Liam’s Chronicles of Syntax:

I wonder if they’ll ever expand their offices from London to New York. I would totally work for these guys.


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