Becoming YouTube

Becoming YouTube is a new 12-part weekly web series that is exactly the web series I never knew I’ve always wanted someone to make, and with all the people I would have wanted to be in it. YouTube’s a relatively new thing, in the sense that we don’t know yet how it affects the way children develop socially if they grow up with it. People have written books about that sort of thing, making scientific hypotheses, but it’s always people on the outside of the culture who are doing the scientific studies and the interviews. It’s never been the people on the inside of the culture looking inward at themselves. Until now. It’s going to be a fascinating piece of history in a culture that we are only just beginning to understand. Here is part 1.

It’s part vlog, part scene, and part documentary. It includes a lot of major YouTubers like Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, and Liam Dryden, plus guest stars (yes, that is Neil Gaiman’s voice you hear). It explores YouTube culture and community in a way that I don’t think I’ve seen anyone accurately portray before. It’s sort of a love letter to the YouTube community, interwoven with encouragement for other people to give it a try.

The production quality is great. The scenes are shot like a film. The vlog element is very classic vlog style. Ben Cook makes for a good lead. The documentary element is also well done. It’s easy to fall into the trap of having the documentary be a bit dry, but it was edited really well.

I look forward to seeing future episodes.


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