Mark Heap as Rincewind

I love Mark Heap (Spaced, Friday Night Dinner, Stardust). And I love Terry Pratchett. Now, on BBC Radio Four, Mark Heap will be playing the role of one of Pratchett’s most famous characters, Rincewind the Wizzard (yes, that’s with two Zs) in teh radio adaptation of “Eric.” Episodes begin March 6th. This from the Beeb:

Episode 1

Episode 1 of 4

15 minutes
First broadcast:
Wednesday 06 March 2013

Adapted by Robin Brooks.

Terry Pratchett’s many Discworld novels combine a technicolour imagination with a razor sharp wit, especially when he rewrites Faust as spotty teenage demonologist Eric.

1/ 4 When precocious young Eric Thursley summons a demon from the loathsome pit to fulfil his every wish, he certainly gets what he asked for. Just… not exactly what he asked for. That’s the problem with wishes.

Rincewind ….. Mark Heap

Eric ….. Will Howard

Death ….. Geoffrey Whitehead

Archchancellor ….. Robert Blythe

Parrot ….. Ben Crowe

Demon King Astfgl ….. Nicholas Murchie

Screwpate ….. Michael Shelford

Mother ….. Christine Absalom

Narrator ….. Rick Warden

Director ….. Jonquil Panting.


3 thoughts on “Mark Heap as Rincewind

  1. Mark Heap as Rincewind is an amazing idea! If they do any more TV ones with Rincewind in they should use Mark Heap, and leave David Jason to Albert. I didn’t find him very convincing as a Wizzard.

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