Comedy DVD: Robin Ince Is as Dumb as You

ince_dumb I’ve just bought three standup comedy DVDs from, which is a site I would recommend for buying affordable comedy DVDs you can’t get elsewhere, though your bank probably can’t tell the difference between being in England and buying from this website, so beware if they flag your card for suspicious activity if you live in the States (and if you don’t live in the States, why are you reading a blog that’s geared for Americans?).

So, the first DVD (well, actually a download) is Robin Ince Is as Dumb as You, which is a set from six years ago. I could tell the material is quite old because there are many jokes I’ve heard before, but I’ve heard them after they’ve been perfected, so many sounded rough to my ears. However, still quite good. If you’re not into the sort of highbrow comedy that Ince normally does, this DVD might be a good introduction to his comedy because it’s more traditional standup. He talks about things that have happened to him, things that annoy him, though there are also Carl Sagan jokes if you’re into that as well. Instead of doing observational comedy, he talks about how horrible his observations are and lists some things he thought were widespread observations but aren’t. Always impressive impersonations, especially with the American accent. Oh, and did I mention there’s an accordion player?

Toward the end of the show, it actually gets better because Ince’s train of thought begins to unravel. He’s clearly aware that the show has gone on too long, and it seems that he’s trying to get off the stage, as he keeps pointing out that he’s been on stage too long, but he always has other thoughts that divert him from his closer. Eventually, it seems he’s just having a conversation with himself with no idea where he’s going or when he’ll stop. “You’re quite right, mate. I don’t often call people mate. Rrrr! I love buying peanuts off those dirty ones where you always see their bras. So…You don’t even know what I’m talking about now. Gah! Just so you know, I’ve had insomnia for the last week. This is basically a breakdown show.” And it only gets better from there.

Here is a link to buy it. I do regret just getting the download because I didn’t realize that it does not come with the commentary track or special features. However, I have sent for Robin Ince’s current comedy DVD, Happiness Through Science, which also has a commentary track and a bit of bonus. Note: If you buy the DVD, they are PAL, but if you’re reading this website, you’d better have a region-free DVD player anyway.


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