The Trip Sequel


I dread a sequel, me. But not this time! I can’t wait for the 2014 sequel to the film, The Trip, starring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. If you’re not familiar with this film, you must go get it right now. It’s on Netflix. It began as a TV series and was whittled down to a film version, released in the cinema. It looks like the sequel, titled The Trip to Italy, will do the same. In full disclosure, I have not seen the TV version of the original, but I laughed to tears watching in the cinema. The two actors play themselves and, although there are certain written plot points, they improvise their way through the movie, creating long scenes of ridiculous dialogue, genuinely two friends cracking each other (and us) up.

A quote from Coogan:

It’s very hard work, doing The Trip. Much harder than it appears, because the trick – the curse – of doing it well is that it looks like you’re just having fun. But it was meticulously improvised. Rob and I get on very well but we also know where to take the improvisation to make it fruitful. (source)

@RobBrydon tweeted this today: Just back from 5 weeks in Italy filming the new Trip, sitting down now for the last WILTY in 50 mins.

Clip from The Trip:


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