Lost Treasures of the Black Heart

Josie Long (photographer Idil Sukan)

Josie Long (photographer Idil Sukan)

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart is a comedy night in Camden, London hosted by Josie Long, one of my favorite comedians. They are also releasing a recording of the events as a podcast. I’ve done a review about it over on plainketchup.com. Highly recommended!

Reasons to listen:1. Josie Long playing the trumpet, putting on a play starring the Mitford sisters, doing an amazing Gilbert Gottfried impression, and saying things like “I want to torture them like Saw 5 after they’ve run out of ideas.”

2. Songs about Sweet Valley High and Gef the Talking Mongoose. “A mongoose with human hands and feet…”

3. Robin Ince explaining what shopping for tampons with Josie Long is not like. “We weren’t browsing. It wasn’t like ‘What do you think this would look like in me?’…It would be embarrassing if I went, ‘Oh, that’s interesting, Josie. My wife has a heavier flow.'”

4. Jonnie Marbles recounting the shenanigans he got up to in his cell after getting arrested, including turning his bed sheet into a cape.

5. Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (Matthew Crosby) telling his life story, including the time he got his pet elk drunk on beer and it fell down the stairs and died.

6. Nathaniel Metcalfe mishearing the theme song to the 1971 Disney film The Barefoot Executive as “He’s gonna make it, he’s gonna make it, he’s gonna take his cock out and shake it.”

If this comedy show was in the Camden in New Jersey, I could attend, but since it’s a long walk to England, I’m eternally grateful to have Camden in my iTunes in this exciting, digital age.

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart is available to download free from iTunes. Also visit their website.


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