For the Love Of

This week, Jon Ronson announced on Twitter that World of Wonder had released Ronson’s old chat show For the Love Of on their YouTube channel and that the time travel episode is his favorite. You can watch the hour-long program here. Ronson takes an unbiased, fair stance, allowing everyone to explain their experiences and points of view equally, rarely expressing his own opinions, though sometimes asking skeptical questions as a journalist to further discussion. On the time travel panel, there are a range of people from scientists and science fiction enthusiasts to a woman who claims to have time traveled and a man who makes time machines that allow you to mentally time travel. He brings one of his machines to the show and despite the begging of Ronson and the rest of the panel, he says that it takes too much time and preparation to be worth turning it on for this short program. No matter how ridiculous some of the claims may seem to some people, the panel remains relatively calm and accepting of each other’s points of views until the very end when they choose to argue about whether or not gravity is a dimension. Very amusing. I recommend taking a look.


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