Mad Dogs Season 3

I had watched episode 1 of series 3 online and had to wait a few weeks to get my purchased DVD of series 3 in the mail. It was actually a perfect pausing point because episode 2 picks up 2 years later. I’m not really in favor of this tactic, picking up 2 years after the characters we’ve been following so closely have undergone major changes. Rick, who was unstable to begin with, is worse than ever. Woody’s found purpose in life. Quinn’s fallen in love with a French woman. The only one I can still completely connect to is Baxter because he is the same, and he want to get back to the UK just as badly as before–more so now that he’s discovered on Facebook that his daughter is getting married. The others don’t have much to go back for as Rick’s now divorced, Woody broke up with Amy, and Quinn didn’t have much to start with.

But the time jump aside, series 3 is pretty great. Breaking Rick out of rehab gives you the warm fuzzies. For a show that has such a killer cast, the support cast sure holds their own. Stanley Townsend plays a fascinating American ex-military that reminds me of something of out Men Who Stare at Goats. Jaime Winstone plays a hard-as-nails discharge from the army who is always a delight to see pop up in the plot now and again. Can’t wait to see the last two episodes!




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