Teenage Rebel


When I interviewed Alex Day almost a year ago, he said that his Doctor Who inspired band, Chameleon Circuit, will only continue to make songs (about Doctor Who) for as long as the inspiration and their interest in the current Doctor Who lasts. When the most recent season began to air, Alex Day wrote an article, essentially breaking up with Doctor Who. I thought for sure that was going to be the end of Chameleon Circuit. Now, this isn’t an announcement of a new album, but Alex has just released a new music video of one of the songs on their second album. The song is Teenage Rebel, and part of it is filmed on the set of the TARDIS. Not a CGI TARDIS, not an elaborate replica, but BBC’s actual TARDIS.

Here’s Alex giving us a tour of the set:

Some more good news is that Alex is chuffed with the casting decision of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor, so we may get some more Chameleon Circuit songs yet!


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