Pilkington Was Right

I cannot believe this. Radio producer and television host Karl Pilkington is frequently ridiculed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for coming up with insane ideas. Every once in a while, he turns out to be right about something and it baffles the world, but there are some of his ideas that you know definitely will never happen.

In episode 8 of series 1 of The Ricky Gervais Show podcast, Karl told Ricky and Steve about an invention he’d thought up. It’s a watch that will count down to your death. Now, it’s not technically an invention if he can’t explain how one would go about building something like this. So, when Ricky and Steve demanded, “How does it work?” Karl said simply, “Pop it on your wrist.” The misunderstanding of the question pushed Ricky into hysterics.

Although debatably not a bad concept, there is just no way to go about inventing something that knows when you are going to die. Or…is there? The Daily Express just announced that physics professors in Lancaster have spent 3.5 million pounds developing a watch that calculates your body’s rate of decay and therefore can guess when you will die (assuming you are not hit by a bus).

Although this project has been in development for 20 years, it’s doubtful Karl Pilkington had heard of it when he came up with the idea back in January 2006.

Read the Daily Express article here.


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