Until I saw a recent Facebook post from Neil Gaiman, I had completely forgotten that Torchwood was not the first time I’d seen Peter Capaldi, and that in fact, I’d seen him in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere tv series as the Angel Islington, a role played by Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch in the recent radio adaptation. (If you happen to be a fan of the Neverwhere TV series, I recommend you listen to my interview with Paterson Joseph, who played the Marquis de Carabas. He talks about his flappy coat, what it was like to work with Neil Gaiman, and how he’d love to get back into that character.)

Let’s have a look at this and other angels in British television.


Neverwhere, played by Peter Capaldi

Go find the Angel Islington, they said. But how do you find an angel in a room full of angels, and how do you know you can really trust him?

Neverwhere, played by Benedict Cumberbatch


Eternal Law, played by Ukweli Roach

The newbie, a choir angel sent in to do field work, to pose as a lawyer and help the needy, when heaven is running out of angels because they all keep falling in love with humans and cutting off their wings so they can be mortal.

Zak Gist

Eternal Law, played by Samuel West

Zak’s been in the field a long time, almost cut off his wings once because he fell in love with Hannah, but chose instead to run away, change his face, and continue God’s work. But when Hannah shows up in his new town, now working for another lawyer, a demon called Richard, Zak feels the old tug of the heartstrings again.

Weeping Angels

Doctor Who

Almost inarguably the scariest monster in Doctor Who. When you’re looking at it, it’s just a statue, but look away, and it could get a hold of you and transport you back in time, never to return. Don’t blink!


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