Sexy, Sexy Parasites

Many modern supernatural and paranormal stories are based in myth and urban legends. Let’s look at a motif that pops up in Torchwood as well as other modern television shows: demons and aliens using sex as a weapon or as survival at the expense of its partner.

Something Borrowed

Torchwood (2007): The morning of her wedding, Gwen (Eve Myles) finds herself nine-months pregnant with an alien baby. With a, luckily, understanding groom, Gwen has to get through the wedding day activities despite the shame of facing her relatives and the real alien mother coming to collect the child that Gwen seems to be incubating for her.


Angel (2000): After a one-night-stand, Cordelia (Charisma Carpender) wakes up to find herself nine-months pregnant. At the doctors, she discovers there are hundreds of separate babies inside her belly. Half-possessed, she finds herself bringing her unborn demon children to the father, willing to sacrifice herself to save the babies.

The Slice Girls

Supernatural (2012): After a one-night-stand, Dean (Jensen Ackles) shows up the next day to find that the woman he’d slept with has a baby he hadn’t seen before. A day later, the baby is a child. Before long, she’s a teenager knocking on Dean’s door, claiming he’s her father. Knowing that she’s a demon who is probably here to kill him, Dean and his brother Sam arm themselves for this little family reunion.

Day One

Torchwood (2006): In the second episode, a shape-shifting alien feeds by incinerating everyone it sleeps with.

Lonely Hearts

Angel (1999): In the second episode, a shape-shifting demon switches guises by taking on the appearance (and then killing) every person it sleeps with.


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