Career: Daniel Mays

When I first saw Danny Mays in Ashes to Ashes, I thought “Who is this actor? He’s really good,” and since then, I’ve heard so many people, directors and actors alike, praising his work, but I don’t think he has yet gotten the recognition he deserves. Let’s have a look at some of his roles.

Jim Keats

Ashes to Ashes (2010): Jim Keats appears on the scene as a Department of Corrections inspector, looking to shut down Gene Hunt for his misconduct and barbaric methods. But, oh, he is so much more than that. He knows much more than he’s letting on. In fact, he’s probably not even human. He is more the embodiment of evil, complete with the skills of deception, getting people to trust him.

Dr. Livesly

Treasure Island (2012): Mays plays the classic character of the doctor who is put in charge of keeping young Jim safe. He’s a man of respect and honor, but he’s not one for fighting, so as much as Jim may trust him, he doesn’t always feel safe, not when there are pirates around.

Dave Shilling

The Bank Job (2008): Pornographer Dave Shilling has a crude mouth on him, but his friends love him, and he’s an asset to the bank robbing team, right up until the moment when he becomes the first sacrifice.


Doctor Who (2011): Alex is the worried father of a young boy whose nightmares are real. When his son disappears into the cupboard, Alex overcomes all fears in order to rescue his son, despite the fact that he now knows his son not to be his own.

Rob Black

Plus One (2009): Here’s an unexpected one. Plus One is a comedy that looks like something MTV would make, given that one of the characters is Duncan from the boy band Blue. Rob Black is the guy whose girlfriend dumped him for Duncan-from-Blue, and despite the mostly poor writing and ridiculous plot, this just goes to show that Mays is an expert at comedy as well as drama.

Cass Cromwell

Outcasts (2011): Unfortunately, a series cancelled after one season. Cass is man on the path to redemption, having completely reinvented himself after a life of crime and murder on Earth. Now, a new planet, a fresh start, but can he ever escape who he was? He spends the whole season hiding his past from Fleur, his best friend and potential love interest. Cass is the guy you’re supposed to love from the first moment on screen, walking into the office with a little pig on a leash, having just rescued it from being fried up as bacon.


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