Career: Mark Heap


Mark Heap is often seen in roles that are creepy, ranging from the slightly odd Brian Topp who lives in the flat downstairs to the nosy neighbor Jim who likes to rub his face on stuffed rabbits. But did you know he started off as a professional juggler? Let’s have a look at a few of his more creepy roles.



Friday Night Dinner (2011): Jim is the socially inept neighbor that the family is too polite to tell to leave them alone. He frequently comes around and knocks on the door with really nothing to say. He’s always walking his dog Wilson, who he doesn’t get along with. Jim adds another layer to the conventions the boys must suffer when they visit home each Friday night.

Dr. Alan Statham

markheap_alanGreenwing (2006): Dr. Statham is the consulting radiologist at the hospital. He takes his job teaching the med students very seriously, but is frequently bullied by one student in particular and is forced to upturn his lessons. He follows the head of HR around because she’s the only woman who will have him, and in her battle against aging, she fears he’s the only man who will have her. His antics are absurd, from flaying the fife naked to using shit and vodka to power his stolen RV.

Brian Topp in Spaced

markheap_brianSpaced (2001): Brian Topp is the artist who rents downstairs (not a euphemism for being gay). He has a deal with the lonely, divorced landlady Marsha that allows him to stay when he can’t pay the rent if he gives her some attention, but that’s mostly cut short once he starts dating Daisy best mate, Twist, a birdlike fashion diva whose closest thing to the fashion industry she’s gotten is working the dry cleaners. His mother thinks that he’s a lawyer, so whenever she comes around, he puts on a suit.


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