Career: Tamsin Greig

I think the first thing I ever saw Tamsin Greig in was Doctor Who, in my favorite episode (The Long Game) where she puts a snap-operated forehead implant into Adam. I didn’t know who she was then, but got the sense that I was supposed to recognize her. Eventually, I ran across the box set of Black Books in B&N and recognized Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, and “that lady from Doctor Who.” She’s now one of my favorites. Let’s have a look at some of her best roles.

Fran Katzenjammer


Black Books (2000-2004): Fran starts out working at a nick nack modernistic gift shop next door to Black Books where her best friend Bernard Black works. They feed each other’s indulgences of smoking and drinking. While Bernard is mostly a misanthrope, Caroline quickly makes friends with the new accountant Manny, but she can’t seem to break the cycle of going on first dates.

Caroline Todd


Green Wing (2004-2006): Caroline is the protagonist of Green Wing, the new doctor trying to find her place in the world and in the social sphere of the hospital. She gets off on the wrong foot, smelly and homeless, but winds up having three doctors all propose marriage to her. She is usually a mess, but one of the most sane people in this surreal comedy.



Friday Night Dinner (2011-2012): Jackie is the mother of what she hopes is a normal family. She is a fairly normal mother of a fairly normal family, and by that I mean everybody’s a bit screwed up. She’s trying to keep the house in shape, but her husband’s got weird notions, her college-age sons still act like children when they’re at home, and the weirdo next door keeps dropping by.

Next, I would like to have a look at Episodes.


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