Cox and Who


Last year, Professor Brian Cox made a short cameo in an episode of Doctor Who, playing himself, reporting on the mysterious black boxes. At that time, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Brian Cox was the new companion on Doctor Who?” but I figured we’d never actually get to see the Professor and the Doctor mucking about in the TARDIS together. Luckily, someone out there had the same idea.

In several short segments of The Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox, the Doctor having just abducted the Professor before his lecture, the two play around in the TARDIS, the Professor asking lots of annoying questions and the Doctor being annoyed and judgmental about the Professor’s wardrobe choice for his grand lecture.

If only this companionship could last a whole season!

Do check out the hour-long lecture, for the groovy science mainly, but also for the Doctor Who references, celebrity guests, and photos of the Professor in his rock’n’roll days.

(We’ll be taking a look at another of the Professor’s lectures shortly when I post my review of his book, The Quantum Universe.)


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