British Comedy Awards

Didn’t see the British Comedy Awards? You can watch it on YouTube or 4oD (with an IP blocker like Tunnelbear). Too lazy to sit through an hour and forty-one minutes? Here’s the highlights…

Sketch Show

It’s Kevin
*Harry & Paul
Horrible Histories

TV Comedy Actor

Greg Davies
*Jack Whitehall
Kevin Eldon
David Mitchell

Presented by Eddie Izzard who confesses he’s going to learn German so that he can do his standup to German audiences.


Personally, I had my fingers crossed for David Mitchell to win this one.

Panel Show

Have I Got News For You
A League of Their Own
*Would I Lie to You
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

Presented by Harry Hill (coming out with a film Dec. 20 with Simon Bird and Johnny Vegas, The Harry Hill Movie), with a hilariously turned up nose at the whole genre of panel shows.

personallyPersonally, I love 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, but Would I Lie to You is my absolute favorite. So glad it won.

Team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack accepted the award, and Mack read a letter on host Rob Brydon’s behalf, slagging off Jimmy Carr (host of 8 Out of 10 Cats), admitting WILTY is a rip off of Call My Bluff, and quitting his job: “If Angus Deayton is Still Alive, tell him he can have his job back.”


Female TV Comedian

Miranda Hart
Sarah Millican
Sue and Mel
*Nina Conti

International Achievement Award

Presented by James Corden and Chris O’Dowd to Will Ferrell, who accepted as Ron Burgundy and slagged off Will Ferrell.


Personally, I am not a Will Ferrell fan at all and had to fast-forward through some of the highlights reels of burping and dick jokes.

TV Comedy Actress

Vicki Pepperdine
Zawe Ashton
*Miranda Hart
Jo Brand

personallyPersonally, I’ve been enjoying Hart’s sitcom and audiobook and was thrilled she won.

Miranda Hart accepted via video on a soccer field and plugged her upcoming tour (not in the U.S., sorry guys).

Male TV Comic

David Mitchell
Jon Richardson
James Corden
*Lee Mack

personallyPersonally, this category was tough because I would have been happy to see any of these 4 performers win. However, I do think the best man won.

Speechless, Lee Mach took Nina Conti’s ventriloquist mask, put it on Wossy’s face, and made him say, “Hello, Andrew Sachs.” (Ross: “Aw fuck off!”) “I’m so sorry for being a cunt….I would like to offer my resignation to ITV and give Lee Mack the opportunity to do his own chat show.” (If you’ve been living under a rock, in 2008, Jonathan “Wossy” Ross and Russell Brand got in a lot of trouble for leaving an inappropriate phone message on Andrew Sachs (of Fawlty Towers) answering machine.)


Breakthrough Artist

Jonny Sweet
Tom Basden
*Adam Hills
Steve Delaney

Being in Australia, Adam Hills accepted the award from Crockadile Dundee, Paul Hogan.

Comedy Entertainment Personality

*Alan Carr
Graham Norton
Adam Hills
Ant & Dec

Presented by David Mitchell and Nicole Scherzinger. Wossy tried to get Mitchell to dance. Mitchell refused: “I’m not going to dance. It’s the very thing I stand against.” Wossy replied, “We want to see David Mitchell twerk!” With perfect comedic pause and delivery, Mitchell replied, “You can wait the rest of your fucking lives.”

Upon receiving the award, Alan Carr flirted with Nicole and gave Mitchell a snog. He confessed that last year when Jack Whitehall won for Comedy King instead of him, he cried so hard, he had to be taken out of the room. This year, both were nominated again, Whitehall won again, and Carr was caught on screen sobbing.


Writers Guild of Great Britain

Presented by Johnny Vegas and Charlie Higson to Paul Whitehouse in a Vegas monologue/rant that went on so long, it prevented them from being able to share any other videos, including reels and acceptances speeches by non-present winners like Graham Norton. Going over also meant that the credits rolled over Steve Coogan’s acceptance speech for his Outstanding Achievement Award. Not that Vegas wasn’t funny. But still, shouldn’t they have hired someone to…tackle him or something if he goes over?

Best Sitcom

*Getting On
Count Arthur Strong
Peep Show
Bad Education

Comedy Entertainment Program

Chatty Man
Ant & Dec
*The Graham Norton Show
The Last Leg

personallyI love the Graham Norton Show. Would have loved to see Graham’s acceptance speech..

British Comedy Outstanding Achievement Award

Presented by Richard Curtis to Steve Coogan.

personallyA sure sign that your organizational skills came to utter shambles: if you have to interrupt Steve Coogan after the first sentence of his acceptance speech for the best award to rain some confetti so they can role their stupid credits.


The King or Queen of Comedy

Alan Carr
Graham Norton
Lee Mack
David Mitchell
*Jack Whitehall
Sarah Millican

Whitehall’s father, who he’s been working with recently on a book, interrupted Whitehall’s acceptance speech to get clarification on why Wossy had jokingly called Whitehall Sr. an anus in the opening speeches.

personallyPersonally, I don’t have anything against Jack Whitehall, but I would have put him in last place, partly because he won last year and partly because I like better/am more familiar with the works of Norton, Mack, Mitchell, and Millican.



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