Teaser: The Wrong Mans

The Wrong MansThe Wrong Mans is a brand new comedy drama written by and starring Matthew Baynton and James Corden. The Wrong Mans begins as a blue-and-green tinted, drab drama about the perpetually serious Sam (Baynton) who, on top of everything else in his life going wrong, witnesses a near-fatal car crash and answers the ringing mobile phone in the road, which he assumes belongs to the injured driver. The man on the other end says that he will kill his wife unless he shows up at 5pm. When Sam confides in the mail room assistant, Phil (Corden), who has a terrifying grandiose sense of self-importance and unshakable faith in his abilities, the genre transforms into comedy. In an attempt to reach the car wreck victim, Sam and Phil sneak into the hospital, Sam dressed as a patient, which leads to operating trolleys getting mixed up and Sam in the theatre (OR) about to get his leg amputated, at which point Phil bursts in and gives a tailored speech from Fight Club.

Phil’s out-of-touch-with-reality character plays well against Sam’s melancholic, inept character. It’s shot well. The writing and pacing are strong. I look forward to seeing how they’ll play with the crime drama tropes in this half-hour comedy format.



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