Dave McKean-Inspired Christmas Cards

Dave McKean is my favorite artist. You may know him as the artist who often works with Neil Gaiman on projects like Sandman or MirrorMask, or his illustrated books, book covers, and album art, or you may even know him as a film director, as he directed not only MirrorMask but films such as Luna and The Gospel of Us.

It’s been reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working with Neil Gaiman to turn Sandman into a film. Gordon-Levitt will produce and possibly direct and star in the film adaptation of the cult graphic novel series, according to The Guardian.

In other news, now through Jan. 19th, La Galerie Huberty & Breyne in Brussels is exhibiting McKean’s work in an exhibition called Callisto and Other Matters. Although you may not be able to get to Belgium in time, definitely check out the mouth wateringly disturbing pieces online.

For the last two years, I’ve been drawing Christmas cards for friends and family based on Dave McKean’s art. Last year, it was all based off The Art of MirrorMask, and this year, it was all based off The Magic of Reality. Here’s a look at some highlights…

20131216_213513 IMG_1465 20131216_213408 20131216_213437 20131216_213446  20131216_213541 IMG_1457    IMG_1463


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