Teaser: Miranda

Miranda Hart is lined up to star in a new sitcom based on Kathy Lette’s book, To Love, Honour And Betray: Till Divorce Us Do Part (source). I’ve just started watching her previous sitcom Miranda. Here are my thoughts on the first episode.

Miranda_TV_Series-723464855-largeI’m glad I read Miranda Hart’s memoir, Is It Just Me?, before watching her show Miranda because I could better appreciate the fact that so much it comes from real life, such the rattled off nicknames of her school friends, including Tilly, Pussy, and Podge.

I’ve only watched the first episode, so I’m giving you a little teaser on my initial thoughts before a full review after consuming the entire series later on. Episode One centers around Miranda’s self consciousness about being mistaken for a man, which happens occasionally, and she goes out of her way to look as feminine as possible in preparing for a date she’s got in the evening. This leads to her dressed as a transvestite, dressed as a bride, and having a living room stuffed to the trim with baby supplies despite having just told her date that she’s not interested in marriage or children.

Miranda owns a joke shop with her friend, who she marginally gets along with, and is frequently visited by her mother, who is desperate to marry her daughter off to anyone who will take her. The show makes use of asides to the camera, imagined scenes playing out in Miranda’s head, and a fair amount of prat falls.


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