Teaser: Small Man in a Book

I’ve just started reading Small Man in a Bookthe autobiography of Rob Brydon. So far, we’re still in his childhood. It looks like there’s going to be an awful lot of that. The book began with his grandparents and then eventually to his parents, and then finally Rob is born (both his father and the midwife fainted when his mother’s water broke–not helpful!).

The best bits so far are the fact that he accidentally stole Catherine Zeta-Jones’ lunch money at school, and that his first stage play was a stage version of Star Wars, but since R2D2 was too difficult to build, they built K9 from Doctor Who instead.

I’m looking forward to hearing show business parts (I’ve got the audiobook) because right now, Brydon is doing the voices of characters like his school teacher, and I’m sure it’s spot on, but I’d rather hear him do people I know of and will be able to recognize how amazing his impressions are. If you’re going to read a book by someone so skilled in impersonations, you’d be daft not to get it on audio.



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