Top 5 Best Standup Bits

5. Dylan Moran – girls are different, aren’t they?

Dylan Moran’s delivery method in his standup gives the false impression that his thoughts are displaced and unruly–interrupting himself, forgetting what he was talking about, spitting out images in a whirlwind of emotion–but every word is carefully chosen and delivered, as is apparent here in his fast-paced rant about the imaginary boyfriend.

4. Jon Richardson on spoons

This bit is funny if you’ve never been exposed to Jon Richardson’s standup before. It’s even funnier if you have some context, like you’ve read his book, It’s Not Me, It’s You or his documentary A Little Bit OCD because you see how real his anger and frustration is. What’s also great about this bit is that to some, he comes across as a little nuts, but to others, he’s perfectly right about everything.

3. Nathaniel Metcalfe mishearing the lyrics to the theme song of the Disney film The Barefoot Executive 

Start this clip at about 4:45 in:

In this anecdote, Nathaniel Metcalfe tells the audience several times what he misheard the lyrics to The Barefoot Executive as, forcing the audience to hear what he had conditioned them to hear when he finally plays the audio clip at the end of the bit. The humor is aided by Metcalfe’s patience in slow pacing and repetition, which builds almost unbearable anticipation.

2. Jason Byrne whose wife is pregnant with the reincarnation of the Crocodile Hunter

I believe that the funniest account of this story is in the podcast Show & Tell, which was re-branded as series 1 of Robin and Josie’s Utter Shambles. It really speaks for itself.

1. Rhod Gilbert’s lost luggage

With Rhod Gilbert’s surreal style of storytelling, it’s hard to know if this story is in the least bit true, but if anyone’s had to deal with customer service, especially at an airport or other high-stress venue, you’ll recognize that the spirit of the story is spot on.


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