Burke and Hare, a review

imagesHad high hopes for this one. With a cast of favorites–Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, and Andy Serkis–and an all-star supporting cast, they had me sold on the roster alone. Throw in a premise based on the true story of two 19th century conmen who turned to serial killing after a tightening of cemetery policing drains dry the local supply of corpses the gangsters had been selling to the school of anatomy. Hilarious, right? Should have been. But despite grade-A acting, acceptable directing and standard plot structure, it’s just not that funny. That isn’t to say the writing was totally shoddy. Much care went into making the two mass murderers human, even sympathetic, no small feat. But most of the thrills come from recognizing cameos rather than enjoyable scenes or clever dialogue.





2 thoughts on “Burke and Hare, a review

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