Your Questions Answered – part 1

What’s on your mind? Got a question, email Here, I will attempt to answer some of them.


Why is David Tennant the best Doctor?

Well, this may not be the best time to admit this, but while I do hold a special place in my heart for Ten, Eccleston will always be “my” Doctor. But what is it that makes Tennant the most popular of the modern Doctors on Doctor Who, perhaps only rivaling Tom Baker for most popular Doctor ever? Could it be his prestigious acting background? Or the fact that he decided at age 3 he would grow up to be an actor and be in Doctor Who? Let’s ask Discworld novelist, Sir Terry Pratchett. When Pratchett toured the release of Dodger, he and his assistant Rob Wilkins did a Q&A at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC, and Pratchett revealed his opinion about Doctor Who: David Tennant is the best Doctor Who of ever. I happened to capture this moment on video, and it shortly thereafter exploded all over the interwebs.


What are the best An Idiot Abroad season 3 quotes?

If you don’t know, Karl Pilkington is the most quotable person there is. I recently did a Fun Box feature on Pilkington quotes. The first two seasons of Pilkington’s travel program An Idiot Abroad sees Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sending Pilkington around the world on his own. In season 3, he’s joined by actor Warwick Davis. With this added feature of having a traveling companion, Pilkington’s annoyance manifests itself in hilarious quips, not unlike what you heard in The Ricky Gervais Show on Xfm, the show that discovered his genius (or idiocy?). Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from season 3:

Warwick Davis: Star Wars was a film I did 30 years ago and it started my career. Without it, I wouldn’t have a career. I’m remembered for playing an Ewok, but I’m remembered for a lot more, but all you see me as is a bear.
Karl Pilkington: All right, an Ewok. That to me is a bear because Ewoks don’t exist. It’s that sci-fi fantasy world again. It’s just made-up SHIT. Do you like Harry Potter? It’s the same thing.
Warwick Davis: Of course I do. I was in all 8 of them.
Karl Pilkington: Were you?! I haven’t seen that either.

Karl [on the phone with Ricky Gervais]: You should see the crowds here when Warwick was walking down the street. It’s the same thing. People just like seeing little oddities in life.
Ricky: Sorry, you’re saying this in front of him?
Warwick: I’m standing right next to him, Ricky.
Karl: That’s what humans do: We evolve. We learn to stand up. We learn to light fire. We learn to say “What is THAT?”

Does Professor Brian Cox believe in God?

Well, in short, no. In Robert Llewellyn’s Carpool, he says, “If there were an afterlife, I would have to reconsider the engineering design of fridges.” But in the commentary track of Happiness Through Science, he says that while he is not a deist, he can see some circumstances in which he wouldn’t consider deism crazy, such as the fact that you can’t really explain why everything works the way it does–why science functions the way it does. That’s not something you can really investigate either, and in those circumstances, if you believe that some”one” set up the rules of science, he admits he’s in the minority in feeling that’s okay, while he personally doesn’t believe it.

Who will play Sam Vimes in The Watch?

Argh! Trust me, I want to know just as much as you do. If you don’t know, The Watch is a forthcoming television show produced by Terry Pratchett’s company Narrativia, and headed up by his daughter. The Watch will pick up after the Discworld book Snuff, and will star the police officers of Ankh Morpork, headed by Sir Samuel Vimes. There’s been a lot of chatter who should play Vimes, but there’s been no announcement yet.

Is there a Hello Ladies Soundtrack?

No, but this is just as good:

What is the name of Rimmer’s brother, as seen in the first episode of Red Dwarf X?

Howard. Played by Mark Dexter.
The Wrong Mans

Is The Wrong Mans tinted green?

I…realize that I did say in my teaser post that it starts off tinted blue and green, but this is not to do with my knowledge of in-camera or post-production effects used on the show. I will try to find out for you.

Is British TV the best TV in the world?

In a word, yes.

Is Andrew Scott gay?

Yes, he mentioned he was last November and has been pretty open with it to the press since.
Benedict Cumberbatch as BBC's Sherlock

How did Sherlock survive the fall? / Is Moriarty really dead?

If I knew that, would I tell you? (Probably.)

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