Fun Box: Professor Brian Cox



Things to like about Professor Brian Cox

Pointing at the sky is his signature move

cox-pointing cox-points

He disproves the afterlife with fridges

“Fridges work by taking heat out of the box, by having a big heater on the back of the box, and have you ever wondered why a fridge has got a big heater on the back of it? It seems a weird thing to do but the temperate at the back of the fridge has got to be higher than the temperature of the kitchen in order to allow it to do work and take the heat out of the fridge. That’s how we work as well. So if there were an afterlife I would have to reconsider the engineering design of fridges.”

Science experiments!

cox-explosions cox-experiment

He gets to play with wild animalscox-cat


cox-qi1 cox-qi2 cox-qi3

He got to fly in the TARDIS

cox-who5 cox-who1 cox-who2 cox-who3 cox-who4

Robin Ince’s endless impersonations of him

He was in a hair band



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