Career: Shaun Parkes

Role Call


It’s difficult to choose just a few highlight roles for Shaun Parkes. From classic teen films to big-budget Hollywood flicks, from serious dramas to comedies to iconic Doctor Who, he’s done a little bit of everything. He’s been a pirate, a pilot, the captain of a spaceship. Probably my favorite role is in Doctor Who, but that doesn’t give him enough credit. Check out one of his dramas, like Blue/Orange.



Human Traffic (1999): Classic teen movie about drugs and raving. If you’re into teen films or want the 90s dance party vibe of Britain, check the film out. Otherwise, can’t guarantee it will be your cup of tea.

Izzy Buttons


The Mummy Returns (2001): Izzy’s an old outlaw buddy of Rick (Brendan Frasier), but you get the sense that after getting injured up real bad and left without pay the last time, Izzy has no intention of helping Rick this time…until he sees a gold stick he’d like to take as his payment. Despite being from the other end of the class system, Izzy shares some surprising characteristic with Jonathan, such as pettiness and greed. Nevertheless, Izzy saves everyone in the end with his piloting skills.



Casanova (2005): Rocco is Casanova’s sidekick/manservant. I think the gif says everything I need to say.shaun-cas



Blue/Orange (2005): Based on the play of the same title, in this BBC Four TV movie, Parkes stars as the mental patient Chris, playing opposite Brian Cox and John Simm, who play the doctors. He’s diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Watch the full film here.

Moses Jones

Moses Jones (2009): Like Blue/Orange, Moses Jones is a story written by Joe Penhall. In this one, Parkes stars opposite Doctor Who (Matt Smith) rather than the Master (John Simm). Moses Jones is the story of a cop on the case  of a ritual killing, called in because of his connection to the local African community.

Zachary Cross Flane

zak When the TARDIS arrives on board, Zach is acting captain. Relatively calm and brave, Zach is trying to keep it together as things aboard his ship get weirder and weirder. This includes the servant Oods speaking out of turn and crew member Toby getting possessed by Satan. Yeah…just another day in space. (The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, 2-parter)

George Merry


Treasure Island (2012): A wonderful telling of the classic Treasure Island tale! Mr. Merry is the pirate that leads the pirate crew, an enemy of our heroes, as well as Silver. Very nearly kills them both before meeting his own demise. Ho-hum.


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