Episodes, season 3


Season 3 picks up after the disastrous party that ended with the truncation of Merc Lapidus’ career and affair with Carol. But despite the TV network overlord Elliot Salad’s promise to Carol that he’d give her Merc’s job, she’s stuck as number two to newbie Castor Sotto….who is crazy-pants. Carol’s character has never been better than in season 3. Castor’s insanity is a little hard to swallow. And we miss Merc, who only makes cameos in a couple episodes (including replacing all of his blind wife’s artwork with canvases that say “Fuck you, LeBlanc”).

Meanwhile, our heroes–Britain’s finest TV writers Sean and Beverly Lincoln–are finally back together…sort of. Even after Matt LeBlanc buys them a new bed, they’re still having trouble…ya know…in the bedroom. Carol enrolls them in sex counseling, which results in Bev being forced to communicate with Sean while pretending to be her vagina. Sean is horrified to learn his wife’s vagina has the voice of Yoda. Eventually, they are able to give up their ghosts, and viewers are relieved to see them back in each other’s arms. But Sean still has starry-eyed dreams of Hollywood success, while Bev can’t wait to go home to England.

Matt LeBlanc is having crises of his own. His ex is getting remarried. His stalker is over him, now that she’s found a slicked hair boyfriend named Joe(y). He cheats on Jamie for Morning’s 19-year-old daughter. And he’s stuck with second billing on Pucks while what he really wants is to star in Andrew Lesley’s new drama. Luckily, it looks like Castor is tearing up the schedule and Pucks is the first into the bin, so LeBlanc is off to another network and Bev and Sean can finally get the hell out of L.A.

Except…An agent scoops up an old script of Sean and Bev’s and gets a bidding war started between three different networks, including Carol’s, for the new show. It would be so easy for Bev to just say to hell with them all and go to England if it weren’t for Sean’s soppy eyes, dreaming of his name in lights. But it doesn’t matter anyway because when Castor gets fired for being a nut job, Salad un-cancels Pucks to keep LeBlanc on his network. Sean, Bev, and Matt are going to be dragged kicking and screaming to the hockey rink.

Season to season, Episodes is steady. Season 3 is somewhat funnier and less gut-wrenchingly sad than season 1 and 2. Castor’s absurdity and the frequent (but thankfully short), disturbing sex scenes start to dip into low brow, but it still keeps its head above water with deliciously accurate satires of the television industry and Hollywood life.

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