15 Storeys High, season 2

What is it? 15 Storeys High (2002-2004) is comedian Sean Lock’s sitcom. It ran for two seasons, totaling 12 episodes. It stars Sean Lock and Benedict Wong. It’s based on Sean Lock’s radio show. Season 2 is at least as good as season 1.


Where can I see it? It’s currently on YouTube for free. If you want special features, like commentary, there is a DVD box set in region 2/PAL.


I cannot for the life of me figure out why this TV show didn’t get more attention. It’s brilliant.

15storeys2Everybody knows smoking is bad for you, but what happens when you fall over in the street and all you have for band-aids are a stranger’s nicotine patches? 15 Storeys High suggests that  you then will get addicted to cigarettes, causing your flatmate to superglue your hands to the fish tank to keep you away from them. Knowing you are an animal lover, he’ll buy a fish for the tank because you wouldn’t dare dump out the water. You’ll have to resort to lighting your cigs with the toaster and spitting the butts into the fish tank. This is the sort of everyday absurdity that happens 15 storeys up that the rest of the world is immune to.

Vince (Lock) and Errol (Wong) are back. Okay, so they never left. In season 2, they’re still living together in the same 15 storey flat, getting up to the same absurd, surreal trouble. This season, Vince makes friends with a nutso priest, competes in ping-pong against his obnoxious neighbors, gets into a fight with the airport staff, and takes a bath…or seven. Errol gets a new job, takes up smoking, and becomes a sexual icon to all the ladies. Guest stars this season include Bill Bailey playing guitar, Kevin Eldon as a smoking addict, and H2G2’s Geoffrey McGivern as Vince’s nudist father. When Vince learns that Errol has a secret girlfriend and demands to meet her, Errol finally stands up to Vince and gives him an earful of exactly the kind of person he is and what it’s like to live with him. Vince promises to start being nicer, but it lasts all of five seconds, and we leave the series in the satisfaction that Vince will continue on in his selfish, rude, misanthropic bubble.

Check out my review of season 1.


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