British Characters in Nerdy American Television Shows

Sometimes there’s nothing playing on BBC America buy Top Gear. Your internet connection’s down or you haven’t paid your Hulu subscription this month. Your Netflix DVD hasn’t come yet. How do you get your Brit fix? Allow me to make a few suggestions from our own side of the pond.



Meet Crowley, King of Hell. He’s the Winchester brothers’ most ongoing villain who survives only by being slightly less menacing than whatever is threatening the world this season. It’s hard to chase after a bureaucratic nemesis when you’ve got someone turning the human race into Happy Meals or trying to crash the gates of heaven. Played by Mark Sheppard, a legit brit, Crowley’s ideal Hell is a queue that never ends.


Balthazar isn’t your typical, humorless angel. He’s mischievous, snarky, and eventually gets his comeuppance for being a line-straddling coward and thief. Part Scot part Frenchman, actor Sebastian Roche brings a charm that no other angel on the show has shown.

Dead Like Me


Mason, Mason, Mason. Dead from sticking a drill in his brain chasing an epic high, Mason is now a grim reaper, releasing the souls of the nearly departed. Too bad he’s a complete fuckup and frequently botches the job. Actor Callum Blue keeps Mason tightrope walking that line between endearing and disgusting.

Star Trek


You can’t really get any nerdier than Star Trek, and with an executive producer like Lucille Ball, you can’t get any more American either. In The Next Generation, Captain Picard is played by Yorkshirian Patrick Stewart, who, unlike his predecessor, is doing X-Men moviesnot Priceline commercials.



Forthcoming! Tom Hollander and Daniel Mays have been in cast in Rolin Jones’ 18th century London drama, Knifeman, on AMC. John Hunter (Hollander) and Julian Hunter (Mays) are polar opposite brothers, the former “a charismatic visionary, quack and scoundrel,” according to Hollywood Reporterand the latter “is prim, proper and quintessentially British.” How great it will be to see Ashes to Ashes‘ Danny Mays and Pirates of the Caribbean’s Tom Hollander together on American TV!

 Have a favorite British character on American television? Leave a comment!




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