British Characters in the Lostverse


Played by German-born Dominic Monaghan, popular for Lord of the Rings and his nature show on BBC America, Charlie Pace (of Manchester origin) is the only British main character from the plane crash. He instantly falls in love with Claire, the young pregnant Australian girl, and their budding friendship is heartwarming. But Charlie’s got secrets. As he starts to get the sweats, it becomes apparent to Locke that he’s going through heroine withdrawal. Charlie spends most of the show struggling with his addiction and seeking revenge on The Others for kidnapping Claire.



Charlie becomes good friends with Desmond Hume, a Scot who they find in an underground bunker pressing a button every few hours to keep the world from ending. Played by Peru-born Henry Ian Cusick, Desmond’s special power (he can withstand extreme radiation) takes him to the show’s finale. He is also tied to physicist Daniel (the son of Widmore and Hawking) when he starts mentally bouncing around in time.



Penny Widmore (Sonya Walger, a legit Brit) is Desmond’s girlfriend, and the whole reason he wound up stranded on this godforsaken island in the first place. She actually wasn’t that interested in him, but he told her he’d prove his love by entering in her father’s competition to sail around the world. Well, you can pretty much guess what happened next. Desmond now stuck on the island, Penny is what keeps him going, and luckily, the pair are reunited and have a baby named Charlie (named after Charlie Pace, not after Penny’s evil father Charles).



In the end, everything boils down to Charles Widmore (New Zealander Alan Dale), which is funny because his not-so-tragic end has almost no impact (there are bigger fish to fry by this point). Widmore used to rule the islander rebel group, The Others, but when Ben Linus outed him for breaking the rules, he overthrew him and Widmore was banished from the island. He spends the rest of his life trying to find the way back. Eventually, he’s able to send in some troops to do the dirty work for him, including taking his revenge on Ben by executing his teenage daughter (for which Ben later unsuccessfully attempts to return the favor).


Eloise Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan of Dublin) is not only the mysterious woman who can tell our heroes how to make it back to the island, but she’s also Daniel’s overbearing mother. Her little indiscretion with Widmore when they were on the island left her pregnant. One can only assume it was this affair that got Widmore thrown off the island. In a tragic, ironic turn of events, (spoilers) while Daniel is investigating a camp in the island’s past, he is murdered unknowingly by his own mother.



Marsha Thomason is actually from Manchester, and Lost goes the extra inch to point out that her character Naomi is from Manchester, just like Charlie. But we don’t know why. With the combination of a parachuting accident and making everyone suspicious of her true intentions on the island, Naomi doesn’t last long. Naomi, Charlotte, Daniel, along with Lapidus and Miles, are the first of Widmore’s team to touch base on the island. While the passengers of the crashed plane think it’s a rescue mission, the secret mission is to seek out Ben Linus for a little revenge in the Linus/Widmore unending power game.



I don’t know why Daniel is so in love with Charlotte (Rebecca Mader, another legit Brit). Perhaps her coldness appeals to his more scientific, clinical side; but the fact of the matter is Daniel has heart while Charlotte’s more dedicated to her mission, even if her mission isn’t the same as the rest of Widmore’s team. Having grown up on the island, Charlotte is the first to get sick when the island becomes dislodged…in time.

Angry that we missed your favorite British or Irish character in Lost? Complain in comments!


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