I’m New Here #4

I’m New Here–Can You Show Me Around? is a monthly comedy and storytelling series at Union Hall in Brooklyn that takes place (usually) the first Tuesday of each month (when it’s not rescheduled for a Sunday). I had to miss #2 due to illness and #3 because…well, Brooklyn on a Sunday night was just not going to happen, but I’m happy to say I could return to #4 which was, if not sold out, then at least packed with people. The subject matter is meant to be New York-based, specifically moving to New York.

newhereJon Ronson read for the first time from his forthcoming book about public shaming. His passage was about meeting with PR guru Justine Sacco who became the hottest thing to hate when she tweeted a lame joke that was misconstrued as vapid racism. It’s going to be great to have another Ronson book that digs into a social world that we ignore or don’t understand on bookstore shelves.

Comedian Joey Pfeifer (Orange County) performed a bit about ruining Christmas by coming out to his parents. I’m not sure that the audience was ready for him at first, in particular the sad truths behind his jokes, but I think the audience warmed up to him in the end, and he was able to land some of his gags with a perfect 10.

PIT improv-er Isabelle Owens (NYC) told probably the greatest homeless guy story I’ve heard. Her father, when confronted with a homeless guy with a knife, used bear rejection tactics to make himself look bigger and it actually worked. Note bene, New Yorkers.

Comedian Josh Gondelman (Boston) takes the cake for funniest story of the night, which involved a homeless history professor and a kid with a Burt hat. I’m not going to do it any justice explaining it, so you’re just going to have to go and see him perform.

See you there next month.


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