Jon Ronson’s Events, fall 2014, NYC

“Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes” (September 18), 8pm, $15, Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
Tonight’s film is “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes”. A few months after Stanley Kubrick died, Jon Ronson was invited to his house north of London, where he found something extraordinary – a thousand sealed boxes. What was in them? Everything. Kubrick never threw anything away. And so Jon asked Kubrick’s people if he could look through the boxes. Which he did – on and off – for five years. What did he find? Can you piece together the life of a man as extraordinary and mysterious as Stanley Kubrick by rifling through the things he left behind in boxes?

September 19th: New York.
The Moth details TBA

September 20th: Queens, New York
The Makers Faire 

Storytelling series with Maeve Higgins
First Tuesday of every month at Union Hall in Brooklyn, 8:00, $10

October 9th, 2014: An Evening of Public Shaming. Union Hall, Brooklyn
Jon’s new nonfiction book – So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, his follow-up to The Psychopath Test – will be published in the Spring of 2015. This event is Jon’s attempt to work out how to talk about it to an audience. It’s like a workshop. Help him!

“Bohemian Grove” (November 13), Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
For years Jon Ronson heard talk that every summer our world leaders – the Bush family, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger – attend a top secret summer camp in the redwood forests of Northern California called Bohemian Grove. And on the Saturday night these leaders perform a ritual that culminates in a human effigy being thrown into the fiery belly of a giant stone owl. Could this possibly be true? In this film Jon teams up with the then almost unknown conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones and together they infiltrate Bohemian Grove.

“The Ballad of Ruby Ridge” (December 18), Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
In the early 1990s a family of white separatist conspiracy theorists – the Weaver family – went to live in a cabin on a mountain in rural Idaho. The father, Randy Weaver, got into trouble with the local BATF, and the trouble escalated, and escalated, until the Weaver family became embroiled in one of the darkest, saddest and most frightening moments in recent American history – the Siege of Ruby Ridge. In this film Jon returns to what’s left of the cabin with Randy’s delightful daughter, Rachel Weaver, to hear the inside story of this terrible siege – the siege that inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

“The Men Who Stare At Goats” (January 15), Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
This is the documentary that became the book that became the George Clooney movie. In this film Jon uncovers a secret US military unit – the First Earth Battalion – that attempted to teach soldiers how to become invisible, and walk through walls, and sense plant auras, and kill goats just by staring at them. Jon travels America meeting members of the unit, and pieces together their bizarre secret history.

“Tottenham Ayatollah” (January 15), Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
Jon’s first film – a year (1996) with the militant Islamist Omar Bakri Mohammed, as he attempts to turn London into an Islamic State. It’s unexpectedly absurd and funny and slapstick. Ronson chauffeurs Omar Bakri to Office World so he can get his ‘Islam: The Future of Britain’ photocopies done. He takes Bakri fishing with other Islamic fundamentalist leaders who get annoyed with him: “How are you going to fight the Jihad, Omar Bakri, if you can’t hold a fish?” He watches as Omar attempts to invite Osama Bin Laden to London for a conference. Bu post 9/11 this is a really eye-opening film – an inside look at a fledgling terrorist campaign – a world that’s about to change and nobody knows it.

“David Icke, The Lizards and the Jews” (February 12), Morbid Anatomy Museum, Brooklyn
David Icke was once a famous British TV sports commentator until he announced one day on the BBC that he was the Son of God. Then he vanished – a laughingstock. When he reemerged in the late 1990s with his theory that the shadowy cabal that secretly rules the world are actually shapeshifting pedophile lizards, Jon Ronson joined him on his lecture tour of Canada. It was an especially fraught lecture tour because powerful anti racists were convinced that when he said ‘lizards’ he was using code for ‘Jews. Flitting between the two camps as the confrontations escalated, Ronson asked: which side should we be on?


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