Like Totally Takes the Mickey Out of America

…and Germany. And England. And even Ireland.

Let’s see what Irish comedian Dylan Moran has to say about Americans in his standup special, Like Totally:

  • “American stupid people sound stupider than every other kind of stupid person.”
  • America is “like the really bad flatmate of the world. ‘Oh sorry, did I break all your shit? I didn’t know it was yours.'”
  • Americans conquer nations by surrounding them with Starbucks until they become Americans, too.
  • Some Americans look like they weigh as much as a photograph of themselves.
  • We elected Arnold as governor of California because he lifted heavy things in his underpants.


  • The language is like a typewriter eating tin foil falling down the stairs.
  • The food is so bad, even Hitler was vegetarian


  • The English have a smile like they have a rotten oyster under their tongue.


  • An Irish face is a face that looks like it’s being told two very important pieces of information at the same time.



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