U.S. Tour – The Infinite Monkey Cage, March 2015

BBC Radio 4’s hit popular science radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage is coming to the U.S. this spring! Tickets are on sale now here.


The Infinite Monkey Cage is hosted by Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, and includes a panel of guests, including comedians and scientists. These will be live performances of new episodes of the radio show, which has won the Sony Gold award, Chortle Award, and Royal Society prize.

“These guys are beyond cool–and hysterical.”
–Sir Patrick Stewart

March 5, 2015
New York City
Skirball Center, NYU
Guest: Neil De Grasse Tyson (astrophysicist)

March 7
Athenaeum Theatre
Guest: Paul Sereno (paleontologist)

March 12
Montalban Theatre
Guest: Sean M Carroll (physicist)

March 13
San Francisco
Palace of Fine Arts
Guest: Seth Shostak (astronomer)

“Robin Ince, who studied English, but has made it a major part of his life’s work to show us, the ignorant majority, that science is not only astonishing and beautiful, it can also be downright hilarious. Together with Manchester’s own particle physics pin-up boy Brian Cox. It’s education by stealth, the best kind.”
Manchester Evening News

“Dear Brian and Robin, I really like the Infinite Monkey Cage. Brian, I like the way you explain science. Robin, I like the silly voices you do.”
–8 year old fan


2 thoughts on “U.S. Tour – The Infinite Monkey Cage, March 2015

  1. Hello, I’m glad to see this show is touring the US!
    Note that Seth SHOSTAK’s name is misspelled on the March 13 announcement on your web page. Great guest choice, though!

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