News: Comet Landing

The European Space Agency just landed a space probe on a comet that travels 135,000 kilometers per hour (83,885 mph) around the sun. Philae is the space lander, which traveled six billion kilometers (3,728,227,153 miles) before it touched down on a comet named 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (aka Chury or 67P). The mission, called the Rosetta mission, cost 1.58 million dollars. This is the first time anyone’s landed anything on a comet nucleus. Here is the image Philae (who has been tweeting its adventure!) sent us:



Why Americans should care: Because this isn’t about who wins the space race. It’s about the human race. You may not even have passed your basic physics class in high school, but today you are still allowed to say, “We did it.”


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NEWS is a new feature for Anglonerd, which will be amped up in 2015. This is replacing the Weekly News that existed on this site two years ago and was retired. Like it? Dislike it? Leave feedback in comments. You’ll know the news from the editorial by the “News” label in the title, as well as the newsprint image on the cover. Anglonerd will attempt to announce only news that is relevant to Americans and nerds and will tell you why you should care. Enjoy.

Read more: The Guardian

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