News: Penguin RH Signs Izzard Memoir


Well done, Penguin for nabbing what I’m sure is (better be) a highly coveted book deal. Penguin Random House’s Blue Rider Press has just signed a deal for Eddie Izzard’s memoir, a book I never imagined would see the light of day given Izzard’s ambitious standup tour schedule, notable acting career, and…um, running for mayor (wow!). Not to mention, he has said he prefers visual/audio sources of information over written ones, which may be related to dyslexia. This book will go above and beyond the documentary Believe, which is available on Hulu now while you wait for the publication, which is slated for a winter season either next year or the year after.

Why Americans should care: Penguin Random House is an American company for a start (Penguin’s Michael Joseph imprint is publishing it in the UK), but also, Izzard does many standup shows in the US and he’s on your TV all the time (from The Riches to Hannibal). 


Read more: PW

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