News: Comedian Lee Evans Retires


“The one thing you can do if you’ve earned a few bob is buy your freedom.”

One of Britain’s favorite comedians Lee Evans (50) announced his retirement from comedy. After hinting at it during the fall, he now announced it during his appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show. You may remember that his manager Addison Cresswell (53) passed away suddenly and recently. Evans, who’s been working since he was very young, intends to use his retirement to spend more time with his family. Can’t say you blame him, but we’ll miss his comedy for sure.

Why Americans should care: Because…because….because MOUSEHUNT! Wrong answer? Lee Evans has graced our screens here in America maybe more than you might realize. Not only have we seen him in British imports like Doctor Who, but also on the big screen starring opposite Jackie Chan in The Medallion, opposite Nathan Lane in Mousehunt, as well as appearances in The Fifth Element and There’s Something About Mary. 

Read More: The Telegraph and The Guardian

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