Teaser: Blandings

personallyUncharacteristically, I started watching this show at the start of season 2. I did this because for $2 on iTunes, I wanted to test drive the series with an episode that included Tim Vine, who took over for Mark Williams as the butler Beach in series 2.


Blandings is a half-hour comedy show based on P. G. Wodehouse’s Blandings Castle. As an English major, I now want to read the original because I can see from the television show how wonderful a literary version could be. The language is beautiful and rare. The show is not paced as a typical sitcom. It’s more funny music, chaos, and winding plots of the few characters getting in the way of each other. It puts me in the mind of Jeeves and Wooster (umm…also P. G. Wodehouse), as it echoes that old timey 20s English formality, and the characters are all wealthy or butlers. Clarence (Timothy Spall) is by far the most intriguing character, and not just because he spends most of his time socializing with his pig. As head of household, he’s frequently thrust into complicated dealings of etiquette and family dynamics. He comes across as forgetful and dumb as a log, but the way in which he seemingly blindly careens through situations leads one to suspect he might know exactly what he’s doing, and that’s good for all of us because he’s the only character not weighed down by the rules of the upper crust, not always up to some scheme, and not bribed by a twenty dollar bill. I’m definitely watching more.


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