Free: Christmas Special of Infinite Monkey Cage 2014

imc-christmas4Now available: The podcast version (longer than the broadcast version) of the Christmas special 2014 of BBC Radio 4’s comedy-science show The Infinite Monkey Cage. You can stream or download on iTunes. There’s also a video exclusive on BBC Radio 4 website.

The Infinite Monkey Cage is hosted by comedian Robin Ince and physicist Professor Brian Cox. This episode’s guests are astronaut Chris Hadfield, actor Brian Blessed, Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou, and the Reverend Richard Coles. The topic is the Bible, which was chosen before Hadfield imc-christmas3announced he would be in town, so they tried to stick space travel into the topic. Stavrakopoulou brilliantly ties together religion and space travel, saying that they are both about things beyond our world and look at our place in it.

Brian Blessed, who frequently plays Santa Claus, was asked what his favorite religion is. He quotes Saint Paul: “One spirit, many paths.”

Rev. Coles says, “I don’t think that the Bible is literally true. I think it’s much truer than that.”



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