Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point* (*The Powerpoint)

For twelve back-to-back shows over only eight days, Dave Gorman delighted New York audiences–the smartest people in America–with his standup comedy/PowerPoint presentation. This illustrated comedy show is about what you can find on the internet. It’s a bit like that thing that Graham Norton does, except funny. And, of course, instead of scrolling through cats that look like Hitler for their own humor sake, Gorman’s journey down the rabbit hole of the internet involves not only discovery but also deduction, connections to pre-acquired knowledge, and mischief. The show also skirts the edges of that Stewart Lee meta-comedy style where he second guesses what he guesses the audiences is second guessing about him and dissects the joke analytically via PowerPoint.

We had some comedy club virgins in the room on Friday night, as well as veterans who’ve been to 50 or 100+ comedy shows. On both sides of the experience spectrum, New York City loved Dave Gorman’s performance. If he had them in stitches the first half, those stitches came ripping out in the gut-busting second half–largely uncomfortable web conversations with Jim Davidson and a suspenseful bit that made the audience eager to hear how Gorman’s digestive experimentation changed the state of his wee.

We were also privy to photographs of people who do not look like Dave Gorman, despite the brown hair and ginger beard; a Jewish publication who thinks Gorman is “one of the tribe;” and an advertising campaign that uses the research results that people buy clocks set to 10:08 because the clocks look happy, even though the clocks they are selling are digital ones. (You can now use “ten-oh-eight” as a code word for “happy.”)

IMG_2244Grabbed this snapshot with Dave after the show. Told him I enjoyed what he said about bread on Cosmic Genome.

If you missed the shows and you’re the sort who does enjoy pretty high-brow (I say “pretty” because there was some wee and poo in the Sugar Puffs bit), not totally mainstream standup comedy, do check out Dave Gorman on DVD. He’s also got some books out you might enjoy. Visit DaveGorman.com. His interview on Carpool is good as well.


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