Derek Finale

Derek Special Wedding DerekProductions117cHR--(None)We know that the day Ricky Gervais ever makes more than three seasons of something is the day he sells out. His TV series Derek is over after two seasons and one finale special, and it’s a good time for this. Derek was great, but you can only take it so far and maintain authenticity. Season 1 was brilliant. Season 2 had some great emotional moments, but the comedy suffered as it relied too much on sex jokes now that Dougie’s whinging was out of the picture. The finale has even more sex jokes to the point where I began to believe that this show would have been much better without the character Kev. However, this is by design. You’re not supposed to like Kev. We only see the full capacity of Derek’s heart when we see that he will love Kev when no one else will. If you can get through the inappropriateness, the schmaltzy scenes are up to par. Hannah’s speech to Kev about why he needs to stop drinking is worth it alone.


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