We Have a Good Time…Don’t We? book review

higginsbookMaeve Higgins is a popular Irish comedian currently living in New York. Her book, We Have a Good Time…Don’t We?: A Regular Human Girl Decides is a collection of autobiographical essays told in her signature hilarious style. These adventures start from her youth where we gain insight into what it’s like to be one of many siblings–which is apparently like being in a fairy story where the children all have a supernatural connection to each other, even if Maeve is the only sibling to detect this layer of their familial reality–; family meetings, complete with documented minutes; and taking on exchange students of varying criminal sway. The book also takes us to a stint in America, a stalker boyfriend, a murderous dolphin entanglement, as well as some show biz stuff, which paints a realistic portrait of the industry like coming up with ideas for shows, getting recognized for a prank show, and awkward appearances, unlike most comedy memoirs, which are jam-packed with celebrity cameos as if trying to prove their qualification for memoir writing.

Stylistically, the format is different than many comedy memoirs that you will read, and it is undoubtedly Maeve Higgins’ unique voice and proneness to making lists that does this. It is rare to find someone so extraordinarily self-aware that they can write with a faux-nonchalance about their outlook and yet still communicate to us that the others in the story (and indeed the reader) has an altogether different approach to reality. The tone is conversational and you will find laughter on every page. There will be things you can’t relate to that you will learn more about (for me, it was having a million siblings and the chapter on makeup) as well as things so familiar you’ll feel a kinship with the pages (I read her description of heart palpitations as I was sitting in the waiting room at the cardiologist).

I bought my copy from Strand Bookstore. It’s also available at Powells, Amazon, B&N, and everywhere fine books are sold.


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