Attack the Block, review

block4Attack the Block 
(2011) is Joe Cornish’s monster comedy flick, the monsters being shaggy bear-dogs with luminescent fangs from space. Unconventionally, our heroes are a band of teenage thugs spotted mugging a woman on the street in the opening of the film. Leader Moses (John Boyega) and his gang capture one of these meteor-sent gorilla things and give it to their drug dealer, Ron (Nick Frost). It’s one of these role-reversal stories where the baddies become the goodies when badder baddies come to town.

block3Like Assault on Precinct 13, the film is largely about defending home base, even if that home is a housing project where the characters speak a language perhaps too slang for Americans to comprehend entirely and where the police show up to stereotype and make mis-arrests. Through this fantastical and ridiculous alien scenario, we are given a look into the lives of the teenage population of the lower class in urban England.

Plus, it’s just fun. It’s a goofy storyline with funny dialogue, comedy relief characters, and pot jokes. The actors, save Frost, are fairly unknown, giving it that B-movie feel, if it weren’t for the painstakingly tight comedic writing. A definite recommend.


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