Friday Night Dinner, season 3

Will Adam’s relationship with his amazing girlfriend survive dinner with the Goodmans? After the entire family is locked in the upstairs room without food nor phone, who will they decide to eat first? Is Jim a junkie or is Martin just trying to sneak a thawing dead fox past his wife? These questions answered and more in a season three just as quirky and ridiculous (perhaps more over the top) as seasons 1 and 2 of Robert Popper’s dark comedy Friday Night Dinner. 

FND3Martin (Paul Ritter) is up to his old backwoodsy schemes, the boys (Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal) are busy tormenting each other, and Jackie (Tamsin Grieg) just wants to keep mud off the carpet. But Martin takes up painting, which only ends in tears (well, actually in wee), and they manage to insult a psychotic piano tuner who takes his revenge in the kitchen with a hammer. And of course, nosy neighbor Jim (Mark Heap) never fails to make an appearance with increasingly unpredictable predicaments (and costumes): His bath caught fire because it was made of elm!

For a show where every episode is pretty much the same (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), this is the first season where we start to see a hint of a story arch. In previous seasons, we were introduced to Grandma’s horrible boyfriend, Mr. Morris (Harry Landis), who was cheating on his wife. This season, Grandma (Frances Cuka) announces their engagement, and the season closes at the alter after Mr. Morris gave Grandma a necklace that belonged to his dead wife. Is Grandma going to get cold feet or will she utter those condemning words “I do”? Tune in to find out.

These 6 episodes can be viewed for free with your geo-blocker on Channel 4 On-Demand. Not suitable for children.


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