Teaser: Twenty Twelve


maxresdefaultTwenty Twelve (2011) makes you wonder why anyone put the Brits in charge of the Olympics. A mockumentary narrated by David Tennant, it’s really a show about infrastructure, both literal infrastructure like traffic and the personnel that runs everything. The real spotlight of the show is Jessica Hynes playing Siobhan Sharpe, Head of Brand, whose eye movement shows that she’s quite happy to spit out marketing BS while not knowing what the hell to say instead of actually listening to anybody. The team of Olympic setter-uppers is led by Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) whose hobbies are mainly ignoring phone calls from his wife, getting his fingers jammed in his fold-up bike, and eating cinnamon rolls provided by his secretary Sally (Olivia Colman) twentytwelve_photo_s02_e02_01_web-1024x576who is probably secretly in love with him. Graham Hitchins (Green Wing’s Karl Theobald) is Head of Infrastructure, which amounts to traffic lights in episode one, and seems to be the know-it-all who knows nothing. Nick Jowett (The Thick of It‘s Vincent Franklin), Head of Contracts, is basically there to use the excuse “I’m from Yorkshire” to explain why other people’s solutions are shit, regardless of whether it makes sense. Finally, there’s Kay Hope (Amelia Bullmore), who is Head of Sustainability (or of Legacy, depending who you ask). Her one-track mind of making everything green is often ignored by the others, in favor of stunts like an artistic clock that counts down the days to the Olympics, yet is counting forwards. The real satire here is not on the Olympics but the fact that the world is full of these people who don’t know what it is they do and yet manage to cock it up every time. Does anyone in the world really know what the hell we’re doing?

I will definitely be watching more episodes of Twenty Twelve. You can watch on Hulu Plus.


Teaser posts are reviews based on the first episode.

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